pre-wedding photoshoot with Ed and Rupal in Greenwich , couple portraits, wedding season 2019

At the weekend, I went across to Greenwich to meet Ed and Rupal for their pre-wedding photoshoot. I’ve spoken to these guys quite a bit and so it was lovely to finally meet them finally face to face. We hung out for a few hours, took some photos, had a giggle and discussed all things wedding.

Couple lying down in Greenwich Park, London engagement photographer.
Ed & Rupal on their pre-wedding photoshoot in Greenwich against an orange wall. Creative couple portraits.
black and white image, couple portraits, pre-wedding photoshoot.
Ed and Rupal against a green wall. Couple portraits. Wedding season 2019. Pre-wedding photoshoot.
Pre-wedding photoshoot in Greenwich. Couple portraits.
Close up of Rupal on the morning of their pre-shoot in Greenwich.
Couple walking in Greenwich, couple portraits, couple photography
close up of couple, view from above looking down, couple portraits, pre-wedding photoshoot.
black and white image, couple portraits, couple smiling, happiness
Ed kissing Rupal's head, couple portraits in Greenwich. Surrey and London wedding photographer
couple portraits in the trees. pre-wedding photoshoot in Greenwich
black and white image of couple looking into the light in greenwich. London pre-wedding photoshoot.
pre-wedding photoshoot in Greenwich , couple under the arches in Greenwich. standing apart smiling and looking at each other.
couple smiling, couple pre-wedding photoshoot, sun flare, natural photography
black adn white image of couple looking at each other lying down in Greenwich park. London wedding photographer
close up view point of couple , london pre-wedidng photoshoot
black and white silhouette of couple, Greenwich Pre0wedding photoshoot