Sunset couple portraits at Mudeford Quay, Surrey wedding photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie and Daniel and their gorgeous little dog, Rocky, down at Mudeford Quay for some couple portraits. Not only was it lovely finally meeting these two, but we were also blessed with a stunning beach backdrop and a breath-taking sunset, all the ingredients to make my heart sing.

couple portraits, beach hut, mudeford quay.
beach photoshoot, couple portraits at sunset, mudeford quay. On the mans shoulders
Couple portraits, on the beach at Mudeford Quay. Sunset photoshoot.
Couple walking away, kissing into the sunset for their pre-wedding shoot on the beach at Mudeford Quay
close up of hands
back of the couple as they sit on the beach looking out to sea, couple portraits at sunset at Mudeford Quay
Couple sat on the beach with the sunset behind them, pre-wedding photoshoot at Mudeford quay
Out of focus shot of the couple walking along the beach for their pre-wedding shoot
Couple kissing on the beach at Mudefrod Quay, surrey wedding photographer at Mudeford Quay
Couple portraits at Mudeford Quay, pre-wedding photoshoot at Sunset
Pre-wedding photoshoot at Mudeford Quay at Sunset, Surrey wedding Photographer
Couple and their dog Rocky, walking towards a sunset for their pre-wedding photoshoot
Couple portraits at Sunset, golden hour, surrey wedding photographer at Mudeford Quay
Couple embracing on the top of a hill with a beautiful golden hour sunset.
girld being picked up and swung around at Mudeford Quay. Pre-wedding photoshoot at Mudeford quay at Sunset.
Couple walking away into the sunset amongst long grass for their couple portraits. Sunset backgrop
Couple in the distance and they walk away from tehir pre-wedding photoshoot at Mudeford Quay. Sunset couple shots by Anna B Photography, Surrey wedding photographer