botleys mansion wedding

Az and Kate are both primary school teachers, which by nature makes them supremely nice, kind and patient people who also happened to have a game of rounders at their wedding. Yes, you read that right. They had a game of rounders at their drinks reception. And it was the sheer, unadulterated, grass-stained knees type of fun that you had playing rounders as a kid, except there was a dazzling bride hitching up her dress and razzing around the pitch trying to get more rounders than her husband (doing his best not to rip his suit pants). But I get ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

A July Monday morning, Botley Mansion in Chertsey – both firsts for me as I skipped out on my children with glee (it’s school holidays remember, for Az and Kate too, lucky devils) arriving early to scope the mansion for good locational shots. Happily, I bumped into Az  – always, always smiling, btw – who said he was feeling pretty nervous and asked me to pass on a message to Kate. Which I did.

Kate was in the bridal suite getting ready and she couldn’t have chosen a dress that suited her more. It was utterly perfect on her teeny tiny frame and she looked like a goddess. She was with her sister and 16-year-old niece, it was obvious they were all incredibly close.

The ceremony was in an incredible room with high ceilings and rose petals covering the floor. Kate walked down the aisle and her eyes never left Az. After two beautiful readings, one from Kate’s brother and another from their friend Emilio they were officially a Mr & Mrs Drinks flowed and the rounders game got underway. For those guests who weren’t playing, a magician worked the crowd Dynamo style, eliciting gasps and applause. It was the first time that some of Kate and Az’s family had met and it was lovely to watch them getting to know each other, laughing, smiling and delighting in the day.

Having worked up an appetite with the epic rounders match, the wedding breakfast was three courses peppered with speeches from Kate’s Pa, Az’s brother and a gorgeous poem Az had written for Kate. Dancing kicked off afterwards with some absolute classics from the band Karizma getting everyone moving. I watched (and salivated) as the late-night BBQ was served up to guests and then said my goodbyes. Driving the short drive home I felt really delighted to have been a part of Az and Kate’s celebration. There was such a good feeling throughout the entire day. Brilliant couple. Brilliant guests.


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Recreate Kate & Az’s day:

Dress: Angelica Bridal

Florist: Lily & Myrtle

Make Up & Hair: Olivia Mills