My first wedding of 2016 and I couldn’t have hoped for a lovelier couple to kick start the season – Ana and Brett who chose Farnham Castle (Brett’s former stomping ground) to host their special day.

Former work colleagues turned flames the story of Ana and Brett isn’t exactly typical. Confessing that she found Brett a “bit of a douche” when she first met him, Ana was eventually won over by his English charm and dashing good looks (obviously).

Both with children from previous marriages, the cast of bridesmaids and page boys was replete. Adianna (15), Gabi (9) and Zara (5) all looked heavenly with their floral headdresses and the boys in blue, Diago and Liam looked very cool and just the part to accompany their mum on her big day. Check the brogues!

Fifty guests joined Ana and Brett to celebrate their marriage – many flying from far to be there from places such as New York (where they met) and Puerto Rico, Ana’s place of birth. I was booked for four hours to capture the ceremony before shooting some group and couple photos. As you can see the weather held up – an unusually mild February day of which we took full advantage to shoot in the fabulous grounds of the castle.

Ana looked every inch the glamorous bride in her beautifully embroidered fishtail gown – and THOSE shoes. A testament to her super-chilled self, the jewels on them kept getting caught in her dress, but Ana was unflappable – remaining poised, elegant and full of fun throughout the day. Congratulations Ana and Brett and your beautiful family.


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