Having postponed our shoot several times due to the rain, I finally got to spend time last week with Charlotte and Chris for their pre-wedding / engagement photoshoot. They chose a scheduled spot in the pretty village of Abinger Hammer in Surrey, a place close to Charlotte’s heart, having had lots of childhood memories here with her family. These two are very gorgeous and I hope to capture some cracking shots of them both at their wedding in August – can’t wait.

B&W photos of the couple in Surrey Hills having a pre-wedding photoshoot. a close up of the couple on the hills, taken from above in a scheduled spot on Abinger HammerThe couple facing each other in a crop field for their preceding photoshoot in Surreycouple in a crop field to the right of the photograph for their preceding shoot in Abinger Hammer couple to the right of the photograph, in a crop field in Abinger Hammer for their preceding / engagement photoshoot in Surrey couple in the bottom left hand corner of the photo. Positioned just in the light, through the trees. Engagement photoshoot. Wedding in August. shot through the trees, couple in the middle, head to head with their arms around each other. Engagement / preceding photoshoot in Surrey couple in the trees, sunlight coming through. Engagement photography in surrey engagement / pre-wedding photoshoot in Surrey , near a crop field, positioned in a gap in the trees. sunset photograph of the couple of their engagement shoot in Surrey last weekcouple out of focus, focus on sunset behind. Artistic shot. love this photograph. A silhouette shot of the couple against a lovely sunset. Engagement photoshoot in Surrey. Wedding in August.