I thoroughly enjoyed my morning with Danielle and Tom on Sunday. We met at the Sherlocks Holmes Hotel to go over the details of the wedding and then we ventured to Regents Park to capture some engagement / pre-wedding photos. I cannot wait for their big day in August up in Shropshire, mini break away for us all : )

Collage of two pictures, on the left the couple on the stairs on the right the couple on a bench which the girl looking at the boyThe couple outside Regents Park tube stationthe couple sitting down by a tree, view from above or them close, heads touching

couple sat down on a park bench, photograph just of their hands.

Black and White image of the couple infant of the lake at Regents park in London. Facing each other heads touching.

girl laughing and leaning on partner for support. In front of water / lake at Regents Park, London

couple head to head, out of focus, focus on the duck not he rightguy kissing girls forehead as she leans back against a white wall, engagement shoot, Londoncouple at regents park, embracing and laughing, looking at each other closer shot of the couple within regents Park in London, embracing, pre-wedding / engagement photoshootGuy has his arms around the girls waist, both laughing looking away. Bushes as the backdrop. Couple in a blue doorway, shot through some black bar fencing. Couple sat against a tree, laughing look at each other in Regents Park, London