Its been a while since I have blogged a pre-wedding shoot, but here’s the lovely Katherine and Nick.

Kat and Nick blurry with st Paul's Cathedral in focus Kat and Nick outside St Paul's Cathedral., londonEngagement / pre wedding shoot in London townKat and Nick through the stair banisters hands and legs shot of my couple. Kat and Nick in a secluded corner in London for their pre-wedding shoot a gaze between the couple with love and laughter on their faces. a walk through a london residential streetan embrace framed through a London street a close up of Kat and Nick, with the sun beaming throughKat and Nick sat down on some steps near St Pauls in London another close up of the couple a very close shot of Nick kissing Katanother shot of the couple on the steps by the River Thamesthe couple underneath 'performing for the camera signage'Kat and Nick kissing underneath the bridgeNick kissing Kat's forehead in a dark corner, Southbank. last close up of Kat and NIck's engagement shoot in London

Photographs taken around St Paul’s Cathedral, London