A few photographs of my pre-wedding / engagement shoot with Katy and Tom at Camden Place. It was great spending time with these two and we were blessed with some gorgeous evening sun light which always makes my job a bit easier : )

pre wedding shoot against a tree on a golf coursecouple in the trees looking at each other with the sun backlighting themB&W image of couple in the bottom right of the photograph face to facecouple to the right of the photography, standing against a white structure on the golf coursecouple in the middle of the photograph, leaning against a tree, evening sunlightclose up of the couples bodies touching, no heads or feet in shot. evening sunlight glowB&W photography of the couple on the right laughing shot through some trees the couple leaning against a brick wall embracingshoe shot of the couple with the leaves and evening sunlightcouple in the middle, foreheads touching, shot from the waist upB&W shot of couple in the bottom right with some trees above. framing them