I met up with the lovely Emma and Chris this Saturday in Bushy park for their pre-wedding shoot. Emma, being a model, was very comfortable in front of the camera, we had to work a little bit harder to get Chris engaged but I think we just about managed it : )


Emma and Chris on the bridge, back lit by the sun. close up on Chris and Emma looking at each other with a nice sun glare behind.

close up on Chris and Emma looking at each other with a nice sun glare behind.Emma and Chris on the bridgeemma and chris, head shot, laughing and looking at each other. emma and chris close up without sun glare close up of emma with chris having his hands around her waistemma and chris with a lovely sun glare the couple on a bridge, bushy park, Saturday evening. Emma and Chris walking and laughing towards the camera Chris kissing Emma's head within the long grassemma looking straight at the camera, chris looking on. Emma hugging chris from behind. Bushy Park. close up of Emma looking down. looking down on emma and chris with their heads together in an embracechris behind emma, making her smile. through the grass! A couple embrace. Love, Engagement, pre-wedding shoot couple standing/ embracing behind a lovely fallen tree. Chris kissing the back of emma's hair whilst she looks onwards. EMMA & CHRIS PREWED 23RDAPRIL16-36 gorgeous sun light photograph of my couple holding hands.chris smiling at his beautiful bride to be. emma smiling at her handsome husband to be. couple kissing with a lovely sun glare dominating the image

Bushy park: :https://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/bushy-park