Welcome to my blog page, this page is dedicated to my recent wedding work. Enjoy having a look through.

As a wedding photographer, naturally, I attend a lot of weddings and Rosalind and Simon - my first wedding of 2017, were a wonderfully special way to begin the year. As you can see from their photos, they absolutely adore each other. Both had been married earlier in their liv
Super-cool, super-chic, there aren’t enough superlatives to describe the wedding of Georgina and Gareth. I knew from the moment I met them on their pre-wedding shoot that they were going to rock. And rock they did. A modern twist on a classic British love story, Georgina and G
There are some people you meet that you feel like you’ve known for ages, and that’s how I felt when I met Carly and Stephen. Perhaps it’s because they live in one of my old haunts, Church Crookham, or perhaps just a testament to their loveliness, I just had a really, really s
Roll out the red carpet, this was a wedding I was seriously excited about. It involved a castle, a smoking-hot bride and groom and some seriously fashionable people. The castle was Lulworth Castle on the Dorset coast, with the church, St Andrew’s, in the grounds of the estate
Liam and Laura have been together for eight years. They met through a dating website, it was Laura’s last try before she was about to give up and in walked Liam. They moved in with each other straight away before buying the house they now inhabit in St Albans with three cats.
It’s a powerful image, a bride walking down the aisle unaccompanied, but this was the noble decision that Charlotte took. Having lost her father to Alzheimer’s, she simply felt that no-one was big enough to fill his shoes. And rightly so. Determined to make him as much a part of
Weddings are a family affair, but none more so that Danielle and Tom’s where parents and siblings pulled out all the stops to give them a good and proper send off. Tom’s brother the best man, his sister skilfully made the wedding cake, and Danielle’s Mum who spent ages getting th
Off to the quintessential English countryside of West Sussex where city slickers Kat and Nick had planned – and might I add pulled off in remarkable style - a phenomenal wedding at the dedicated venue Farbridge. A classic tale of love blossoming between housemates, Kat met Nick
An international love affair, guests flocked from across the globe to the wedding of Dee and Tony at the Lensbury in Teddington, London; Tony is half-French and Dee is a Kiwi, so I guess that makes it a widding and not a wedding! The day started at the Richmond Hill Hotel, the
Anna and Joe have been engaged since August last year and keeping up a family tradition, selected their wedding day to be as close to the wedding anniversaries of parents and grandparents. A couple enshrouded by the love of family and friends I was struck by their incredible netw
Off to Peper Harow I went for the wedding of Primrose and Sam, a charming pastoral affair - fields, flowers, plenty of children (all adorably outfitted) and a magnificent tipi provided by Fiesta Fields. I was booked for five hours to cover the pre-ceremony shots, the service, rec
My first wedding of 2016 and I couldn’t have hoped for a lovelier couple to kick start the season – Ana and Brett who chose Farnham Castle (Brett’s former stomping ground) to host their special day. Former work colleagues turned flames the story of Ana and Brett isn’t exactly